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Servas Denmark Host List 2013

- please print and put into the hostlist when travelling to Denmark
If you still have the 2012 hostlist, click here

- Updated: 03.04.14

NB! If you are not an approved Servas traveller you will not be hosted - in this case, please do not contact the hosts mentioned below.
Therefore - to prevent abuse - please always include your name, home address, country, date, and name of the secretary who signed your Letter of Introduction.

Host no


New: Host not in list yet Christina Foldager &  Morten Storm (F 1976 / M 1961), 2 kids (F 2003 / M 2006)
Address: Gøhlmannsvej 50, 6000 Kolding
Ph.: +45 61 70 88 62 / +45 51 51 09 29
2 guests F/M + 2 children
Notice: 2 days
Speaks Eng (ger.)
Senior consultant / Market manager
Interests: Travelling, photography, web and social media, music, food, movies, political issues, foreign countries and cultures.
Travelled in: USA, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and other European countries.

House with central location in Kolding. Spare guest room in basement. 15 min walk to train and bus station.
New: Host not in list yet

Jesper Sørrig (M) 1953, Kastelsvej 28,, 2100 København Ø
Ph.: +45 35 38 77 14
2 guests F/M Notice 1 week
Speaks Eng (ger. fr.)
Planning engineer, retired in 2013
Interests: culture, architecture, music, modern art, bicycling, travelling
Travelled in: China, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, US (California and NY), Singapore, Australia (Sydney) and many European countries.

Flat with nice view on 5th floor in central part of Copenhagen.  10 minutes walk from Østerport Station with frequent train connection to airport (takes 25 minutes). I will be glad to show you around in Copenhagen on bike or feet or using public transport.

7 Address: 156 B 4
31 New address but still in Copenhagen. Email not changed.
32 Host has moved to Trekroner near Roskilde.
We live in a modern cooperative with 19 other families. We have our own house and a shared house where we can have guests staying over night. More info on 
Phone and email addresses are the same.
35 Please cancel.