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Servas Denmark Host List 2016

- This corrections sheet replaces corrections 2015. Please print and put into the host list 2014 when travelling to Denmark.
If you still have the 2013 hostlist, click here

- Updated: 06.Mar.2016

NB! If you are not an approved Servas traveller you will not be hosted - in this case, please do not contact the hosts mentioned below.
To prevent abuse - please always include your name, home address, country, date and name of the secretary who signed your Letter of Introduction, and the number/year of the stamp in correspondence with hosts.

Host no


61 No longer a host. Please delete

No longer a host. Please delete

98 No longer a host. Please delete
108 No longer a host. Please delete
New host
To be added to list
e-mail/wr/ph 2p FAM NPNR
Stay: 2d+ SB
Youth travelers
Pick up sta

Eng, Ger, fr, sp
Mette Wulff
Egensevej 203, Egense,
9280 Storvorde
Tel: 22381601
W: 40501963
Nurse. 1962.
Society matters, nature and environment.
Tr: Europe. Lv: Spain
Have cat.
Come by car or catch bus or train.
Pick up: Aalborg railway station/airport.
New host
To be added to list
e-mail 2p (fam)
N:2d SB
Pick up sta
Home exchange
Youth travelers

Eng, ger
Ulla Rasmussen
Ejvind Larsen
Røjlevej 34,
5792 Årslev
Tel: 29731809, 61261809
Tel: 65901809
Teacher, retired. 1954, 1951.
Nature, walking, cycling, running, kayak, film, books, creative activities, history, gardening.
Live at the countryside in a forest south of Odense.
Tr: Europe, USA, Peru, Nepal, China, Kenya.
Have cat and sheep.
Catch bus 141 towards Faaborg, get off in Nr. Søby. We'll pick you up there.
New host
To be added to list
e-mail, 1p, NPNR,
day host
Pick up sta
Home exchange
Youth travelers

Eng, Ger

We do sometimes have space on the couch but generally prefer to be day-hosts. We live in the center of Copenhagen so that is very easy - especially if you travel with kids who could play with our son born 2013.
Lisa Maria Haglund
Ilja Leo Lang
Rosengården 13, 3. th.
1174 København K
Tel: 26249592 (daytime), 26249592 (daytime).
Head of Design, office manager. 1976, 1978, 2013.
Veganism/vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, swimming, cycling and running. Members of Danish Cyclist Union, Amnesty International, Organic Food-Cooperation and much more.
Tr: Most European countries, Greenland, Svalbard, Northern Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Canada, China, Sri Lanka, Australia & Japan, United States.
Lv: Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sydney, Berlin, London, Oslo, Århus and Greenland.
At the moment we live in a very small apartment.
Meet at Nørreport station.
New host
To be added to list
e-mail/write/ph 2p
N: 2w
Stay: 2d+
Pick up sta
Youth travelers

Eng, ger
Gerner Leo Hansen
Liselott Hansen
Toksværd Bygade 12,
4684 Holmegaard
Tel: 55562296/22895896
Tel: 53291316
Retired teacher, retired teacher. 1945, 1945.
Travel, nature, politics, sports, trekking, cross country skiing, EU, willow plait, gardening.
Tr: Europe, New Zealand, Borneo, Australia, Greenland, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Peru, Texas.
Bus 630 from Næstved station or from near Holme Olstrup station to bus stop in Toksværd Bygade (opposite the school).
Pick up: Holme Olstrup, or Næstved if convenient.
Have cat.